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Makers Corporate, Private & Fundraiser Events

Take Team Building and Private Events to A Whole New Creative Levell! 

Why choose a creative activity for your next event? 

Creativity helps with bonding. 
After every Makers event guests leave feeling happy, euphoric and relaxed! They got to have a mini escape for their soul. Just an hour or two just to focus in a group setting on something that is fun and engaging! Plus they get to learn something new which helps expand their mind into a postive space.  
One Private Events Company. Endless Possibilities. 
Connect with friends, family, and colleagues over one-of-a-kind experiences. Our collection is so vast, you’ll have all the event ideas you’ll ever need.
Hosting Events LIVE or Virtual! 
We can offer a variety of events LIVE in person or virtual. If we do not have a local host in your community we can have supplies shipped to your door and host via zoom for your event. If you still want to get your team together in person and we do not have a live host- any host can be brought in virtually with Smart TV or projector capabilities. 

Ask our event coordinator about events in your area! 

Makers Event Offerings 

The Original Paint Nite- LIVE

The Original Paint Nite- Virtual

Chunky Blanket Making

Plant Nite- Succulent Terrariums

Hot Cocoa Bomb Making Workshop

Edible Cookie Dough Making Workshop

Sugar Cookie Hand Painting Workshop

Sugar Cookie Decorating Workshop 

Watercolor - 
Card Making

Art Resin- 
Drink Coasters & Floral Designs

Art Resin- 
Seascapes on Glass

Art Resin - 
Seascapes on Wood


Paint Nite

Wine Bottle & Fairy Light - Paint Nite

Beer Growler- 
Paint Nite

Candle Making

Mixology - Cocktail Kits Included

Wood Flower Crafts

Wood Flower
 Wreath Making

Fresh Floral Arranging

Design a Sign

Ukulele Making

String Art

Painting with Coffee

Themed Trivia- 
Paint Nite

Paint Your Pet- 
Paint Nite

Bob Ross Themed - Paint Nite

Mommy & Me - 
Paint Nite

Partner Painting - Paint Nite

 Paint Nite

Yoga- Virtual or LIVE in person

Game Night- Trivia Choose your Theme

Game Night- Musical Bingo

Game Night- The Newlywed Game

Game Night- Escape Room

Seasonal Hot Cocoa Bomb Making Workshop

Art Resin- 
Holiday Edition

Holiday Ornaments- Paint Nite

Seasonal Ceramics 

“We believe in bringing you the best, most entertaining creative events that everyone will enjoy!"

We work with a network of local creators and artist to host fun and engaging events!

Tammy Tavarone Bishop

CEO Makers Craft Events

@Yaymaker_TeamTavarone @Makerscraftkits

Things to Know

  1. How do I book a virtual private or corporate event?
    To book a virtual private or corporate event, please email  A member of our Private Events Team will then reach out to answer any of your questions and start planning. Please note that the minimum event fee is for 15 people—even if fewer attend.
  2. My event includes materials. How will I receive them?      
    Our Private Events Team will work with you to coordinate getting materials to every attendee. 
    Address collection We’ll provide a secure link for you to enter your group’s details, as well as a sharable link for guests to enter their addresses themselves.

    Addresses are required 12 business days before your event. Domestic shipping UPS Ground shipping ranges from $10-12 per package shipped. Larger groups of 30 or more will have discounted shipping.  

    International shipping please inquire to see if shipping is available in your area and how much it will cost. 

    Expedited shipping For, we will send your materials via UPS 3 Day Select® and cost depending on location. 

    Addresses are required five business days before your event.
  3. What payment methods do you take?
    Payment for all virtual private and corporate events can go on the credit card of your choice or through a purchase order.
  4. Do you host fundraisers? 
    YES! We can cater any event as a fundraiser - message our private events coordinator for more information. Amount raised is depending on the organizations goals. 
  5. How much are the events? 
    YES! We can cater any event as a fundraiser - message our private events coordinator for more information. Amount raised is depending on the organizations goals. 
  6. Can we customize our packages for our team? 
    YES! Talk with our coordinators to see how we can customize or make your event even more special. Addtional fees may appy! 

Plan an Event with us! 

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