Yaymaker #TeamTavarone Tip Links

Hello Makers! We want to thank you so much for your support of our virtual events with Yaymaker. If you would LOVE to show your appreciation to your hostess here are our Team Tavarone staff and their tip links: 
Tammy Tavarone- Bishop- Venmo: @MAKERSCRAFTKITS
Jessica Viscoso- Venmo: @YAYJESS
Samantha Bonacorsa- Venmo: @Samantha-Bonacorsa
Amanda Burns- Venmo: @Amanda-R-Burns
Antoinette Evola- Venmo: @YAYANN10
Samantha Powers- Venmo: @slamm24
Steven Labate- Venmo: @Stephen-Labate
Steven Williams- Venmo: @Steven-Williams-90
Melissa Kiesecker- Venmo: @Yay-Mel
Angie DeBellis- Venmo: @debella28
Debbie Tavarone- Venmo @Yaydebbie
Debbie Ruff- Venmo: @Debruff
Trudie Magliano: Venmo @trudianne-magliano
If you would like to book a private event with any of our host or hostess please email Tammy Tavarone Bishop for booking: Tammy.tavarone@localyaymaker.com or text 631-774-0406